Descriptions, Directors, Running time.
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"Nike Spec Commercial, CAN'T CATCH THE DARK" - Directed by Jordan Hidalgo.  In our competition for PSAs/commercials, a Nike Football Commercial involving the 40 yard dash.
"MMA-NEVER SURRENDER" - Directed by Dennis Jusino. In our competition for movie trailers, Jayden’s an under dog of all
proportions. With 7 years of his life wasted in prison for partaking in
some illegal underground MMA fighting, he now realizes that he needs to make some changes in his life.  Website
"BLINDSIDED" - Directed by Tori Rubloff. 14 minutes. To regain control of his life and his own self-worth, a depressive, recently blind twenty-something escapes from home for the first time since his affliction to meet his online girlfriend.
"GHOST APP" - Directed by Gerald Godbout. 13 minutes.
Do You Believe In Ghosts? It's just like any other night for Sher as she sits down to watch the newest Netfilx movie. However on this night she will receive a text from a stranger offering her a chance to download a new app. One that will let her see what can not be seen with the naked eye, The Other Side. Website
"PARTY IN RED HOOK" - Directed by Andrea Coleman. A woman continues to be interrupted while she tries to find the perfect words to invite her crush to a party in Red Hook.
"WE HAVE YOUR WIFE" - Directed by Jim Ford. 7 minutes.  Comedy. They took the wrong lady!
"CAUSE OF DEATH: HOMICIDE" - Directed by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge. The Coroner ruled the death of Karen's mother "accidental", but Karen is convinced that her stepfather murdered her mother. Now Karen has to prove it without becoming a victim herself. Website
"BOMB SHELL" - Directed by Ryland Carlin.  Animated. 3 minutes. Marina, a young mermaid, searches for the perfect bra when her scallop
friend, Sheldon, offers a little more support than he signed up for.
"THE NESTING DOLL" - Directed by Jeffrey Blake Palmer . 13 minutes. The day before William relocates his mother to a memory care unit for aging seniors, his estranged brother Richard arrives to collect a box of belongings. Despite their contentious relationship, a document from their childhood inspires the men to search for a missing keepsake which might offer their mother one last happy memory with her two sons.
"UNSPOKEN" - Directed by John Wee. 11 minutes. When your child goes missing and the legal system is failing you, what can you do? This is the story of what one father (Mike) does to bring his boy home. This dark dramatic short explores the difference between Civil Law and Moral Law.
"THE GIRL IN THE ATTIC" - Directed by Seth Chitwood. 12 minutes. In our competition for youtube web series, five people have similar dreams about a young girl trapped in an attic. Website
"STRANGE FRUIT: TAKING A STAND THROUGH SONG" - Directed by Sam Seliger . 15 minutes. Documentary. The history of the iconic song “Strange Fruit” and how its incredible power helped eradicate the practice of lynching in America.
"SCRATCH THIS" - Directed by Jody Lauren Miller. 6 minutes. Sisterly love turns sour as Karen, Kaitlin and Kristen get an unexpected gift from Mom.
"HOMETOWN" - Directed by Caleb Oosterling . 5 minutes. Multi-instrumentalist Johnny Maio and film maker Caleb Oosterling's tribute to their favorite city in the world, Tampa, Florida, their Hometown!