Past Festivals
10 years of fun.

We have shown over 650 films and presented dozens of awards. We have been able to keep our entry fees low by sticking to our "back-to-basics" approach.  We don't have red carpets, parties,  banquets, or other (expensive)  agendas.  We simply set up a projector, put out a few chairs, and enjoy the films. It's all about the films...and YOU.   Sometimes we only have a few people in the audience and sometimes we have a BIG audience.  You can never tell. Click on the dates of our past festivals for film schedules, photos, and  locations.
The 15 MINUTES OF FAME film festival was founded in 2009 by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge,  who enjoy watching (and making) indie films. Ray worked in television as a full time cameraman/editor for over 30 years, working on everything from game shows to soap operas.  In the past few years, Ray and Migdalia  have produced over a dozen feature films and several shorts. This 2018 indie film festival is the 16th that they have produced.