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"OPIOID ABUSE" - Directed by Michael Morris.  In our competition for PSAs/commercials, this PSA outlines the seriousness of abusing prescription drugs.
"THE ASTRONOT" - Directed by Tim Cash.  In our movie trailer competition, Daniel was a recluse who shut out the world, yet longed to touch the moon. Sandy was a light whose warmth melted his heart, and propelled him to the stars. Website
"THE SINGER" - Directed by Steven Swancoat. 15 minutes. After meeting a boy on the subway, a young aspiring singer goes on a musical journey of self discovery… Or so she thinks.  Website
"MOTEL" - Directed by Jiayao Chen. 14 minutes. Two couples bump into each other in a motel. After a series of unexpected events, everyone’s destiny goes into a different direction.
"NEW YORK'D" - Directed by Karan Choudhary. 13 minutes. Sean, a blue-collar New Yorker wakes up on Saturday morning, feeling really good about himself and his entire existence. He has no idea that a disagreeable delivery guy, a buffering porn video, and a locked door
would turn his good day into a nightmare. Website
"MIDNIGHT MAN" - Directed by Brendan Jackson Rogers. 9 minutes. A desperate father fights to protect his daughter when a mysterious figure invades the Rivera household. Website
"TIL DEATH" - Directed by Jake Gissler. 6 minutes. Three friends carpooling to a wedding must deal with tension from past
grievances and a car wreck that can not only derail their trip but their
"THE MAILMAN" - Directed by John Connor Bray. 7 minutes.
A dedicated mailman obsessed with the United States Postal Service finds his entire world falling apart when confronted with a resident who finds him obsolete.
"PUT IT DOWN" - Directed by Max Internoscia. A public service spot on the dangers of texting and driving.
"THE EDGE OF MADNESS" - Directed by Chris Alonso. 14 minutes. A young man struggles with depression and addiction while it hunts him
down as he is faced with the only option he thinks is the answer. IMDB
"SONGS FROM THE DEEP" - Directed by Grey Gowder. 9 minutes. A radio astronomer and his AI colleague seek to reestablish contact with
a distant alien civilization from an isolated SETI listening outpost in
coastal Florida. When conventional methods fail, they discover the
power of Earth's other voices to link our two worlds. Website
"THE WOLF" - Directed by Shane Morrisun. Joshua has been working Wilehelm's ranch for years when a new comer to the west, Bruck, arrives, buying up the land and buying out ranchers.
"FREDDY CARRILLO'S DAY OFF" - Directed by Maggie Franks . 15 minutes. Inspired by a 1993 magazine article, Freddy takes a rare day off to fulfill a dream. A dream to ski in the morning; tackle a skate park
mid day; then cap it off with a surf session and a California sunset. But he's been in a wheelchair for half his life. Is it worth the risk? Hell. yes!
"WHO LIVES MY LIFE" - Directed by Lo Lam . 6 minutes. When a lonely housewife meets a guy of her dreams, she must make a big decision.
"HAMMER DOWN" - Directed by Dan Pasto. 3 minutes. Comedy/Animation. Another day, another dollar. Note: Rated "R" for violence. Website
"EMIT" - Directed by Korey Miracle . 2 minutes. An engineer struggles to save his reputation by creating a functioning invention.
"THERE'S A DEAD BODY IN MY ROOM" - Directed by Farrell Erickson. 
7 minutes. When a hungover college student wakes up to a dead body on his bedroom floor, he recruits his reluctant roommate to help him dispose of it before someone finds out.